I want to tell you

Sorry that it’s been a while

I should tell myself


Lazy Selfie

No need for make up

I indulge in vanity

With snapchat filters

Christmas party

Friends gather in the evening cold

To be welcomed into a warm abode

The fire’s on and gifts are exchanged

Some grow excited and others wane

Cookies are iced in green and red

Everyone eats until well fed

Classic movies on the tv

Conversations overlap with familiar scenes

The night drifts into the following day

Until sleepy peers can no longer stay

The valley after the peak

As we fall tired

In the morning

Of every day this week

Our actions are heavy

And our voice

Becomes meek

The top is not forever

There are valleys

After the peak

We must have sure feet

If our hearts

Continue to seek

So we slow our pace

To revive our strength

When we feel weak

That soon we may

Have energy enough

For another streak


Sit in silence

Feel the land

Count my pulse while

You hold my hand

Let go of the things

You don’t understand

Let it fall away

Like grains of sand

You’re here right now

Just as planned

Wait for a moment

Before you stand